Astro Pak Update on COVID-19

Astro Pak Update on COVID-19

All Astro Pak facilities are open and ready to serve you.

As we are all learning, COVID-19 protocols are dynamic as conditions change. Likewise, our proactive approach and actions to safeguard our employees and customers as well as to ensure business continuity will adapt and be revised accordingly.

Below is a summary of measures that Astro Pak has enacted:

  • Education and compliance with CDC guidance and protocols
  • Regular sanitization of frequently used areas/facilities
  • Requirements for social distancing, frequent hand washing, and face masks/personal protective equipment
  • Protocols for employees and/or customers who exhibit COVID-19 related symptoms
  • Regulation of non-essential air travel
  • Shift adjustments to limit in-person interactions
  • Substitution of non-operational gatherings with virtual meetings
  • Regulation and reduction of third party visitation to offices
  • Visitation declaration forms and screening policies
  • Supplier tracking to ensure adequate inventory of equipment and materials

We will continue to follow all of the directives and updates outlined by the CDC and will provide updates as needed.

Thank you for your cooperation and putting your continued trust in Astro Pak.  

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