Consulting Services

Engineering consulting services

Astro Pak’s Engineering and Technical Services Group is staffed with experts who have had decades of industry experience, making them a resource for institutional knowledge. For uniquely challenging projects, our experts can evaluate Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and Isometric (ISO) drawings and advise on the types of processes needed, their sequence, system and circuit configurations. Considerations include flow paths, pipe diameter and length, flow rates, safety tie off points, and other nuances. In many instances, Astro Pak will engage in design and pre-construction reviews to virtually “walk” through the piping system to ensure that cleaning and passivation services can be completed using the least hazardous chemicals, in a safe manner, while also minimizing waste volume and disposal cost. Since every system will require preventative maintenance over its service life, Astro Pak’s experts can be brought in during the early stages of system design to provide design recommendations that will pay for themselves many times over during the lifespan of the system. Many of our customers consider this value-added service a savvy risk reduction strategy and long-term investment on a major part of their infrastructure at a minimal incremental cost to their design and construction budget.

Systems & equipment

Our Engineering Services Group have a wealth of experience working on a variety of systems, designing efficient and intricate flow paths to maximize time and material costs.