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Celebrating 65 Years

1959 Astro Pak
Astro Pak is Born
At the dawn of the Space Race, Carl Verheyen and James St. Clair discover an industry need for precision cleaning of spaceflight hardware for nearby aerospace giant North American Aviation, supporting the Mercury program. Thus, Astro Pak is born, processing parts in a cleanroom for the Aerospace industry.
navy seal
Diving Life Support
Astro Pak cleans diving life support systems for the US Navy. This equipment supports rescue and salvage missions at greater depths enhancing the capabilities of the Navy’s elite SEALs in their missions around the world.
Shop Services
Astro Pak moves its headquarters and operations to a 4.5 acre site in Downey, CA just 2 miles away from its original location. Shortly thereafter, the new 6,000 sq. ft. facility adds in-house shop capabilities.
6 - Gas_centrifuge_cascade copy
Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant
Astro Pak performed precision cleaning services at the Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant in Portsmouth, OH on behalf of the US Department of Energy. The facility was converted to utilize a less costly and more energy efficient method to enrich uranium for use in the nuclear power industry and by the military.
9 - hubble
Hubble Space Telescope
Astro Pak’s is tasked with cleaning and preparing mission-critical components for the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. Since its launch, the Hubble has greatly expanded our understanding of the cosmos and is expected to remain in service through 2030.
11 - BiopharmaproductionKundl(1)A copy
Biopharmaceutical Industry
With the Navy downsizing at the end of the Cold War, Astro Pak is in danger of going out of business. The company reinvents itself in this pivotal moment by diversifying its service offerings to the Biopharmaceutical industry, securing its first high purity cleaning job at Genentech in South San Francisco.
world trade center
World Trade Center Memorial
Astro Pak is given the opportunity to clean, derouge and passivate the many pipes that make up the water feature in the World Trade Center memorial. It was a privilege to help honor those who lost their lives on 9/11.
31 - Indy
Expansion into Midwest
With multiple locations on both coasts, Astro Pak opened its first facility in the Mid-West. The Indianapolis, IN location allowed the company to better respond to the needs of its growing number of clients in the region. The facility soon became a major hub for regional operations offering both in-shop and field services.
Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
Astro Pak plays a part in ensuring continued American access to space by working on launch systems for the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV). The work was on behalf of Lockheed and Boeing who would go on to form the United Launch Alliance two years later launching unmanned spacecraft using Delta IV and Atlas 5 rockets.
oakley revised
Acquisition of Oakley
Astro Pak enters a period of rapid growth as it acquires Oakley Specialized Services in the Northeast. The move solidifies Astro Pak’s position as the North American leader in high purity cleaning and passivation.
Birth of SixLog
Astro Pak launches SixLog Corporation, offering on-site Bio-Decontamination and Sterilization services. Its name conveys the measurement of the process’ efficacy in reducing the presence of spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses to disinfect and sterilize rooms using Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide. The company is later acquired by Steris.
25 - LABJ copy
Los Angeles Business Journal
Astro Pak’s newly expanded cleanrooms is featured on the cover of the prestigious Los Angeles Business Journal. The weekly newspaper focuses on regional business news. The article cites Astro Pak’s extensive history in supporting the space program, noting that the company offers “its cleaning services used by the Apollo moon program.”
Association for Corporate Growth
Astro Pak is named a finalist by the Orange County, CA chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, a network of professional advisors dedicated to driving middle market growth in the region. The award recognizes the highest performing companies and their achievements in their industry.
32 - Chemko copy
Acquisition of Chemko
Astro Pak returns to its roots on Florida’s Space Coast with the acquisition of Chemko Technical Services. Chemko staff members stay on and continue to provide precision cleaning and testing services to their local customers.
Presidential Quality Work
Boeing Integrated Defense Systems division presents Astro Pak’s CA Cleanroom with the “Presidential Quality Work” award for the oxygen system remediation and recovery efforts of the Boeing VVIP aircraft. Over 240 tubes and fittings were processed in a period of four days to meet our customer’s deadline.
Mobile Launch Platform
From Project Mercury to the Space Launch System, Astro Pak is again helping to advance the exploration of space with work on the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) at the Kennedy Space Center. On-site technicians with mobile cleanrooms are tasked with processing miles of tubing and other equipment needed to launch America’s next manned space craft.
26 - OpenHouseRibbonCutting (2) copy
Space Coast Cleanroom
Astro Pak completes the process that began with the acquisition of Chemko Technical Services in 2016 by opening a new cleanroom facility in Titusville, FL. The 38,000 sq. ft. Space Coast facility features L-Shaped dip tanks and a 70’ tall enclosed tower. Famed astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave praised the company’s vision in his keynote address delivered at the ribbon cutting ceremony.
60th anniversary
60th Anniversary
Astro Pak celebrates 60 years servicing our customers high purity and precision cleaning needs.
the gateway arch
St. Louis’s Gateway Arch
The Association for Preservation Technology (APT) who promotes the best practices for the conservation of historic structures invites Astro Pak to participate in a research project focused on the preservation of the tallest stainless-steel monument in the world, St. Louis’s Gateway Arch.
Crew Dragon
Astro Pak’s California Cleanroom performs the precision cleaning of several components for both the Falcon 9 launch vehicle as well as Crew Dragon spacecraft in support of Demo-2. That flight inaugurated a new era of human spaceflight, which continues today with reliable crew launches to the space station from American soil on commercially built and owned spacecraft.
Tanks for Blue Moon
Astro Pak’s CA Cleanroom processes 5.5 foot diameter spherical aluminum tanks from NuSpace. These tanks will hold the liquid oxygen (LOX) used to help propel Blue Origin’s Blue Moon lunar lander to a safe touchdown on the Moon.
Core Values
Core Values
Astro Pak refreshes its Core Values with a focus on People First, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation and Empowerment. The process was a team effort that involved one on one interviews and team member focus groups.
Lithium Ion Battery Plant
Astro Pak performs precision cleaning on chemical distribution lines used for the production of lithium-ion batteries at the Tesla Gigafactory.
Intel’s Ozone Water System
Astro Pak supports Intel as semiconductor chip demand rises. The company was hired to derouge, clean and passivate three 50,000 gallon tanks and 1,600 feet of piping for the facility’s ozone water system.
star award-tx
Star Award
The city of Fort Worth presents Astro Pak’s Texas facility with the “Star” Award, commemorating a full year of 100% compliance with local, state, and federal pretreatment regulations involving environmental waste and storm water permitting for the facility.
apollo space program
Field Services
Astro Pak expands its capabilities to include on-site work including precision cleaning of spaceflight equipment for North American Aviation, McDonnell Douglas, and General Dynamics as they build the Apollo Mission spacecraft that would take men to the moon and back.
3 - navy copy
U.S. Navy
Astro Pak gets contracted to clean US Navy submarines and their ballast tanks overseas at the American naval base. Located in Subic Bay, Philippines, it was amongst the largest US armed forces overseas bases.
Space Shuttle Launch Facility
Continuing its history of support for the American space program, Astro Pak performs work on the new Space Shuttle Launch Facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base. While the complex never hosted a Space Shuttle, it has served as a launch facility for military and commercial spacecraft requiring polar orbits.
hawaii facility opens 1986
New Locations
Spurred by increased demand for precision cleaning services thanks to its continued innovations, Astro Pak opens the first of what would become many facilities to better serve its customers. The locations in Hawaii, Norfolk, VA and San Diego, CA positions Astro Pak to become a major player in the Naval, Defense and Aerospace industries.
9 - chandra
Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Once again Astro Pak technicians work on a spacecraft that would go on to expand mankind’s horizons. Since its launch in 1999, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory has greatly advanced the field of X-ray astronomy, revealing neutron stars and exoplanets among other discoveries.
Ken Verheyen Leads Astro Pak
Taking over from his father Carl, who co-founded the company 32 years prior, Ken Verheyen becomes President of Astro Pak. He started with the company while still in school working as a salesman in the Field Services division. Later, he oversaw the launch and operations of several facilities before ascending to head the company.
13 - NIF
Award for Work at NIF
Astro Pak is presented with the U.S. Small Business Administration Award for Excellence in recognition of its commitment to superior achievement in providing outstanding services for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The company’s work at the National Ignition Facility consistently exceeded industry standards in cleanliness.
14 - KV
Small Business of the Year
Astro Pak is honored by the US Department of Energy with the “Small Business of the Year” award. The Department highlights that Astro Pak surpassed the acceptance of traditional measurements and set the standard for future cleanliness levels, in part, by achieving cleanliness levels measuring 5 microns in size.
Expansion into Puerto Rico
Three new locations open in Longmont, CO, Raleigh, NC and Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The new operations are heavily involved with the regions’ pharmaceutical industries and enjoy rapid expansion in staff and clientele.
Headquarters Moves to Costa Mesa, CA
Astro Pak headquarters moves from Downey to Costa Mesa, CA. The relocation allows the Downey site to keep up with the increased demand for its in-shop and cleanroom services.
Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine
Astro Pak contracts with Hatch to clean and flush 1,400 ft of piping and over 100 actuators for one of the largest gold mines in the world. The Pueblo Viejo gold mine is located in the Dominican Republic and expects to recover 9 million ounces of gold and silver.
Mechanical Polishing & Electropolishing Services
Astro Pak adds on-site Mechanical Polishing and Electropolishing services to its offerings to help customers with high-purity applications improve the surface finish of their production vessels with minimal downtime and avoid the need for revalidation.
28 - 2014 - KC copy
Ken Carroll Becomes President
Ken Carroll becomes Astro Pak’s third president, taking over from Ken Verheyen who had led the company since 1991. Previously, Mr. Carroll had served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Meanwhile, Mr. Verheyen takes the helm as Astro Pak’s CEO overseeing the continuation of the company’s vision as Mr. Carroll guides its operations.
27 - training
Technician Training Program
The company launches a comprehensive hands-on training program for newly hired field technicians. In addition to 30 hours of practical training, classes include leadership, safety, cGMP documentation, hazardous waste awareness, and more.
LUX-ZEPLIN Experiment
Astro Pak contributes to the world of advanced science once again with the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment in search of dark matter. Astro Pak’s role was to etch the top 5 to 50 microns of material from the interior surface of the ultra-pure titanium detection vessel, thus removing any trapped radon gas, followed with surface cleaning to eliminate risks of contamination.
Table Station Facility
Astro Pak helps ready Proctor & Gamble’s new Tabler Station facility for commissioning. This project drew Astro Pak crews from across the country to clean and passivate production vessels as the plant was being constructed.
22053_PIA22109-16 copy
Mars 2020
As part of the effort to reduce and eliminate biological contamination, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Contamination Control and Planetary Protection engineers task Astro Pak’s cleanroom in Downey, CA to process a significant portion of the 19,000 parts that make up Perseverance Rover. Additionally, Astro Pak’s Dr. Brent Ekstrand is invited to serve on the Mars 2020 independent review board.
Ranked #1 Place to Work
Astro Pak is ranked Orange County’s #1 Place to work by the Orange County Business Journal, which is the second largest business journal in California. The company attributes this recognition to its people who go above and beyond daily, choosing to serve one another and its customers with integrity, leadership, excellence and fun.
Cymer’s Reclaim Supplier Achievement Award
Astro Pak is awarded the Reclaim Supplier Achievement Award which recognizes the company’s contribution to Cymer’s new green initiative. Astro Pak’s relationship with Cymer dates back over 16 years when Astro Pak’s San Diego facility began cleaning small parts for Cymer’s circuit-designing photolithography machine.
Merck Expansion
Astro Pak supports Merck’s expansion in Elkton, VA. With the increasingly widespread adoption of Gardasil around the world and demand for a COVID-19 vaccine, Merck added 120,000 square feet to its existing 1.1 million-square feet of operation. Astro Pak was brought in to clean, passivate and service installations in multiple buildings across Merck’s campus.
Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Barrier
Astro Pak helps add safety to California’s Golden Gate Bridge by passivating the stainless-steel net used to build the suicide barrier extending 20 feet from the bridge.
Huntsville 3
Test Stand 4670 at MSFC
Astro Pak performs hydrotesting, cleaning, passivation and drying on 9,700 feet of piping for Test Stand 4670 at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Once the location where the Saturn’s Rocketdyne F-1 motors were tested, this is now being commissioned to test the engines that will power ULA’s Vulcan heavy lifter as well as Blue Origin’s New Glenn launch vehicle.
Engineering Consulting Services
Astro Pak’s Engineering Services Group provides consultation for clients in the early stages of system design. Engineering experts engage in design and pre-construction reviews to ensure that cleaning and passivation services can be completed in a safe manner, using the least hazardous chemicals, while minimizing waste volume and disposal costs.
250,000 Work Hours Without Injury
Astro Pak’s Puerto Rico team celebrates 7 years, 250,000 work hours without injury. Astro Pak’s President, Ken Carroll, Vice President of EHS&R, Jeremy Galtier and Vice President of Field Services, Keith Marlin joined the Puerto Team to commemorate this impressive achievement.

Our Vision

At Astro Pak, we believe excellence is an attitude – an attitude that shapes and drives our every behavior as well as thoughts and actions. Coupled with that attitude are an unwavering vision and solid set of values that guide our pursuit of excellence. Through this, we believe success will follow

AP Vision

Our Values

For the past 62 years Astro Pak has built its success on a strong foundation of values that instills a unique culture in its team members that sets us apart. Our five values not only define who we are but they also provide clear, memorable and actionable guidance for our path to success as we continue to serve our customers with the highest standard of excellence.


We put people first

We believe every person is inherently worthy of respect and care. Astro Pak’s work is an opportunity to live this belief and create lasting impact on one another, our families, customers and communities.

AP Icon Integrity

We have integrity

Integrity is the foundation that we build on. We believe that trusted relationships are built on honesty, accountability, and an unwavering commitment to good character to provide a high standard of excellence.


We rely on collaboration

We believe every person is uniquely gifted and brings a perspective that can help us succeed. Our success is bound together and when we work together without ego, we are capable of great things.


We evolve through innovation

As problem solvers in cutting-edge industries, our growth comes through learning and innovation. We believe that experts are learners; failure is a growth opportunity; and excellence comes through continuous improvement.


We believe in empowerment

We are at our best when we are operating in our giftedness and equipped for excellence. We believe leadership is about elevating others, and every person has opportunities to lead regardless of position.

Our Story

Originally founded in 1959 by Carl Verheyen and Jim St. Clair during the accelerating space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., Astro Pak bore its roots amid the great space technological rivalry that created vast opportunity for the small precision cleaning contractor. Providing services from the first office in Southern California, Astro Pak secured various approvals to precision clean components and hardware for all major missile manufacturers as well as other aerospace clients, which fueled the firm’s desire to take their chemical cleaning success from the Aerospace industry into several other sectors.

Years later, Carl’s son, Ken Verheyen, became the CEO of Astro Pak and set his sights on an enormous feat – to guide Astro Pak to a position of industry leadership through delivering excellence. To achieve this, Mr. Verheyen was driven to create a great experience for his employees and customers by providing quality service experience.

Astro Pak has grown considerably over the years, particularly during this last decade. From opening new locations, offering new services and becoming one of the largest and most respected precision cleaning & surface treatment technology contractors in North America, Astro Pak hopes to sustain that growth while never losing sight of our most important purpose – delighting our customers with excellence.