Our Popular Lunch & Learn Program Is Now Available Online!

We will send you lunch or (breakfast) before you log on to this interactive event. You will learn from our staff of experts who have decades of experience in metal surface finish processes. Let them answer your specific application questions!

Topics include:

  • Definitions of Passivation and Rouge
  • The effect of surface fabrication techniques on the passive oxide layer
  • Examination of corrosive conditions and methods for mitigation and remediation
  • Measurement of rouge in critical utilities and methods for tracking and trending
  • Biofilm eradication strategies
  • The benefits of Electropolishing and its ability to enhance the cleanability of stainless steel

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Meet Our Experts

JEFF WASSENAAR Passivation & Corrosion

With over 25 years of construction and metals industry experience, Jeff provides unique capabilities to assist clients and lead teams in the high purity sector. Jeff is a frequent speaker at lunch and Learns that Astro Pak provides regularly around the country for our clients.

DARYL L. ROLL P.E. Metallurgy & Surface Chemistry

Astro Pak Consultant, Mr. Roll serves as the primary senior technical advisor for corrosion, surface chemistry and stainless steel passivation. With over 35 years of experience in chemical processing, Daryl has been published in MICRO, UltraPure Water Journal and Chemical Engineering for his papers on passivation and rouge control. He is a participant on the ASME BPE Subcommittees for Surface Finish and Materials of Construction requirements and a leading contributor for the Rouge and Passivation Task Groups. Mr. Roll holds a B.A. in Chemistry and Earth Science from the California State University of Fullerton and a Professional Engineer’s license from the State of California.

PATRICK BANES High Purity Processing

Patrick Banes is currently the Northeast Technical Sales Manager for Astro Pak Corporation. He assumed the chairmanship of the ASME BPE Surface Finish subcommittee after holding the role of vice chair for several years. During his 35 years of experience, Patrick has made numerous presentations on the subjects of passivation of austenitic stainless steel and rouge for the AICHE, ASME BPE, ASTM, IIR, IQPC, ISPE, PDA, Fortune 500 companies and other technical educational organizations. Patrick is also a former member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE), North New Jersey Chapter and a contributor to the current ISPE Water and Steam Baseline Guide. Pat’s technical papers on passivation and rouge have been published in Microcontamination, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Ultrapure Water magazines.

DR. BRENT J. EKSTRAND Bioburden Remediation & Precision Cleaning

Dr. Brent Ekstrand serves as Astro Pak Corporation’s Vice President of Science & Technology. He is the company’s primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) for precision cleaning, cleanliness evaluation and measurement, cleanroom operations, corrosion remediation and prevention, and biological contamination / biofilm removal.

MIKE MONTGOMERY Mechanical Polishing & Electropolishing

Since 2012 Mike has served as the Technical Director of Electropolishing at Astro Pak Corporation. With over 30 years of mechanical, machining, and metal finishing experience, Mike brings practical knowledge, capability and excellence to vessel restoration projects across the country. Mike develops and implements training programs, including confined space entry, ensuring technical excellence and safety amongst all Astro Pak MP/EP Technicians.