High Velocity

Oil Flushing

On-Site High Velocity Oil Flushing Services

Astro Pak provides High Velocity Oil Flushing services in conjunction with our pickling and passivation services for lube oil piping. Whether it is new construction of lube oil, fuel oil piping and hydraulic tubing systems or flushing services to maintain equipment, we can perform the work!

What is High Velocity Oil Flushing?

Lube Oil Flushing is High Velocity Flushing, using lube oil at turbulent flow rates to clean pipes and systems.  This includes filtration to remove rust, loose scale and small particulate matter. Then a picking and passivation process removes varnish and mill scale prior to oil flushing phase. Together the chemical and Oil Flushing are circulated at elevated temperatures.

New Construction requires high velocity oil flushing for removal of construction debris and contaminants that can damage high purity fluid handling systems. Surface integrity can also be established with our flushing services to maintain operational longevity with elimination of damaging particles and corrosion from the systems contact surfaces.

Pipeline cleaning with pigging procedures is used to prepare fuel oil interior surfaces for the final cleanliness process. Pickling and Passivation often precedes hydraulic oil flushing operations. Astro Pak’s design of high velocity oil flushing procedures ensures the system meets the appropriate quality standard and specification.

Astro Pak also delivers cleanliness verification through accurate particle counting with microscopic inspection and laser particle counters, providing quality testing of these systems to achieving maximum system performance. Removal of existing contamination may require additional chemical processing to prepare the system prior to final precision cleaning of the interior surfaces to meet our rigorous quality standards.

Reasons for Lube Oil Flushing

  • Newly Installed Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Contamination (Visible Particulate)
  • Oil Change Out (replacing old lube oil that is discolored or scored)
  • Excessive bearing wear
  • Sticky control activation
  • Catastrophes

We routinely service the following facilities and industry segments: Gold Mines, Steel Mills, Power Plants, Recycling Plans, Aerospace, Amusement Parks, Utility Plants, Pulp & Paper. Whether Oil Flushing is for Gas or Steam Turbines or Generator Lube Oil Equipment, we can do it all!

Trust the Experts

For over 60 years, Astro Pak has been perfecting the chemistry and cleaning process of Passivation, Surface Treatment and Piping Distribution. From pre-operational chemical cleaning of large polypropylene, polyester resin, and cryogenic gas production facilities, to cleaning and disinfecting liquid laundry soap and cosmetics blending facilities, Astro Pak have the experience, personnel and equipment to tackle any sized project.

Astro Pak delivers chemical cleaning & passivation services to installed systems: pre-operational, pre-commissioning of new construction, post modification, or for maintenance during shut-downs. Whether it is UltraPass®, nitric acid, or other chemistries, we process piping, fittings, vessels and other types of equipment. We also perform Gel Passivation to address surface discoloration, spot rouge, HAZ of welds, or corrosion on exterior surfaces.

Astro Pak commits to providing customers with the level of excellence they expect and deserve by:

  • Rapid Response
  • Highly Trained Personnel delivering superior consulting services
  • State of the Art Equipment Nationwide
  • Advanced Chemistry & Process Technology
  • Superior Documentation (Meeting cGMP Requirements)

We routinely respond to emergency situations for critical utilities, systems and equipment on-site or in our shops located nationwide. We also have certification packages that are QMS/cGMP compliant for your systems and equipment maintenance records.

  • Rotating Equipment
  • Turbines Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Oxygen Systems
  • Lube Oil
  • Process Piping, Tubing, Hoses
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining & Metals
  • Chemical Manufacturing & Distribution