Water / Municipal

Treatment Plant

Water / Municipal Treatment Plant

Astro Pak’s high purity cleaning services are perfectly suited for systems made of carbon/stainless steel or polymer materials in potable water service. The range of pre-commissioning (or pre-operational) services offered include removal of organic contamination, mill-scale passivation, sanitization or disinfection of piping and equipment used in treatment, storage and distribution of potable water per AWWA and other standards. We are the preferred contractor for cleaning of piping and equipment in LOX, GOX and Ozone generation, injection and destruct service to CGA G4.1 and ASTM G93 standards.

The President of the International Ozone Association (IOA) Municipality Committee is Astro Pak’s very own Sr. Technical Sales Manager, Robert SchuckThe Municipality Committee’s purpose is to act as a resource to assist municipalities and other water district entities with their challenges and questions regarding ozone systems used to treat water for consumption. As part of its role, the committee offers guidance on troubleshooting extant systems, best practices for maintenance, budgetary advice, and contacts for specialist contractors. Astro Pak’s engagement with the IOA not only reinforces our commitment to the highest standards in the industry but also provides us with unparalleled insights and knowledge on ozone systems. 

Additionally, we also provide operational cleaning services to restore system efficiency such as removal of biofilm, water deposits, rust, and water hardness scale from components, piping and equipment made of carbon steel, stainless steel, PE, PVC, CPVC, PP and HDPE.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Restoring pipe flow and power usage by removal of scaling (Struvite and Vivianite) in Thickened Waste Activate Sludge (TWAS) pipelines and equipment. Neutralization of Ferric chloride lines and tanks for upgrading and demolition.

Astro Pak can deploy our crews onsite or you may send your system piping, components and equipment to one of our nationwide locations for processing.

  • Pickling and Passivation of Carbon & Stainless steel
  • Pigging Pipelines
  • Hydrostatic & Pneumatic Testing
  • Cleaning for Oxygen/Ozone Service
  • Mill-scale Removal & Derouging
  • Descaling & Removal of Water Hardness
  • Removal of Struvite & Vivianite deposits
  • Disinfection
  • Degreasing, Alkaline and Detergent Solvent Cleaning
  • Drying to Dew Point
  • Water Flushing
  • High Pressure Wash
  • Chlorination
  • Mobile Cleanroom Services
  • Potable Water Distribution Lines
  • Water Force Mains
  • Distribution piping in Plants
  • Piping in RO service
  • LOX, GOX Piping & Hoses
  • Piping for VPSA, Compressors, Ozone Generators
  • Components and Valves
  • Pipe Spools, Coils & Nozzles
  • Piping Manifolds
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Cryogenic Vaporizers
  • Vessels & Storage Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Components & Fittings (is this too limiting?)
  • Ozone Generators
  • Diffuser Grids
  • Hydrogen Peroxide & Chlorine Systems
  • Supplemental Air
  • Ozone Gas / Off-Gas Destruct