Astro Pak Announces New Electropolishing & Mechanical Polishing Service Offering

Building upon Astro Pak’s strong heritage in Passivation, Derouging and High-Purity & Precision Cleaning, the company announced today the recent addition of Mechanical Polishing and Electropolishing to their service offerings.

Having received a positive response for Mechanical Polishing and Electropolishing services from top pharmaceutical companies, Astro Pak expects major growth in this area. Astro Pak’s Owner and President Ken Verheyen affirmed, “Astro Pak is a trusted name. So when our top customers expressed the need for this service, it was only natural for Astro Pak to add these capabilities to serve our customers and exceed their expectations.”

Electropolishing achieves a microscopically smooth and featureless surface, enhancing the clean-ability and appearance of stainless vessels and their peripheral parts.

Electropolishing will be available on-site and at Astro Pak’s new location in Raleigh, North Carolina. Astro Pak’s on-site servicing helps to repair, maintain and upgrade the required surface-finish on the interior of production vessels. Astro Pak’s mobilization resources help to meet the needs for remediation efforts of any sized vessel. Whether damaged by chemical attack or by mechanical impact, Astro Pak’s specially trained crews work around the clock to restore process vessels to full functioning capability.

This new service offering will be overseen by Mike Montgomery, an expert craftsman who has dedicated his career to perfecting Mechanical Polishing and Electropolishing. “We are thrilled to have Mike on the team and to launch this new business venture” says Tim Sowell, Vice President of East Coast Operations. Montgomery will lead Astro Pak’s Electropolishing services from the new Electropolishing shop in Raleigh, North Carolina.

About Astro Pak

Astro Pak has been the leading provider of precision cleaning and passivation services in North America since 1959. Astro Pak continues to improve its technologies and precision cleaning for the Medical Device, Semiconductor, Laser, Biopharm and a myriad of other markets, while maintaining our leader position in contract cleaning for the Aerospace and Defense industries. Astro Pak is privately held with headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.

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Astro Pak

Astro Pak’s extensive 50 years of research and experience afford us the expertise to deliver consultative services and meet client specifications. Our Research & Development scientists provide technical expertise and develop optimal precision cleaning solutions to difficult problems encountered in critical systems and equipment. Some of the most prestigious projects in the United States have called upon Astro Pak to consult and perform work that produces groundbreaking cleanliness levels. Astro Pak has an unwavering dedication to advancing cleanliness standards for High Purity & Precision Cleaning, Passivation and surface treatment and achieve new cleanliness industry standards.

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