Astro Pak provides chemical cleaning, passivation, mechanical polishing and
electropolishing of stainless steel tanks, vessels and equipment for pre-operational
preparation, as well as for remediation after installation and use.


We can rapidly deploy our crews and equipment to your customers’ location to process on-site or you can deliver tanks and vessels to one of our nine nationwide shop locations.


Astro Pak’s Ultra Pass® is a proprietary chemical blend and process capable of producing an optimized passive layer on the surface of stainless steel, yielding unmatched corrosion resistance.


 Whether we’re engaged in confined space entry, hole watch, or mixing chemistry, our Environmental Health & Safety team will ensure that our technicians abide by stringent protocols.

Industries Served

Astro Pak prides itself on a long legacy of meeting and exceeding the standards set forth by a variety of organizations in numerous industries, including ASTM, ASME, SAE, NASA, SEMI and FDA, to name a few. Our studies have shown that the chrome to iron ratios achieved by Ultra Pass® passivation far exceeds ASME BPE recommended minimums and meets or exceeds the requirements of many industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, space and semiconductor. Likewise, our surface finishing processes adhere to ASME BPE and ASTM B912 standards, providing optimal Ra (Roughness Average) finishes to your equipment, vessels and tanks.



Pre-Operational fabrication, machining and welding leave behind contaminants such as metal oxides, inclusions, fabrication debris, and tramp iron that can cause premature corrosion.  Our chemical and electrochemical cleaning solutions remove these contaminants thereby enhancing corrosion resistance and extending equipment maintenance intervals.


(during planned & unplanned shutdowns)

Maintenance issues may include corrosion (i.e. rouge/rust, pitting), bioburden, scratches, heat tint on welds, and other internal or external surface conditions. Our on-site derouging, mechanical polishing and electropolishing services can restore the surface finish of operational tanks and vessels with minimal downtime, eliminating the need for revalidation.

Set your customers up for success with Astro Pak’s Pre-Operational and
Maintenance surface finish solutions!

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Success Story


A food and beverage company discovered a black residue on the surface of a newly installed stainless steel tank. They attempted to remove the residue using both hand wiping and chemical cleaning methods, but to no avail. The residue continued to reappear. Then they hired a company to perform an electrochemically based cleaning process. This solution initially appeared to have succeeded in removing the black residue, but after a CIP and heating cycle the residue returned, suggesting that it was never entirely removed in the first place. 


When the food and beverage company approached Astro Pak with the problem, we assessed that the residue was likely embedded abrasives and metal particles left over from the mechanical polishing processes used during fabrication of the tank, a problem that we have successfully resolved for numerous clients. Our solution was to electropolish the vessel which would dissolve the surface of the metal (two to five ten-thousandths of an inch), thus freeing embedded contaminants and removing the work-hardened layer that is formed during the mechanical polishing process. 


We proposed a time line of events that we held ourselves accountable to, thus avoiding disruption to the client’s already hectic production and testing schedule. The process worked as expected in precisely the length of time promised and with complete documentation and no safety issues. Electropolishing the tank not only eliminated the stubborn residue, but made the surface much smoother and thereby less likely to trap product or other contaminants in the future.

What our customers have to say...

"We had Astro Pak perform on-site tank cleaning and passivation. They were very professional and provided quality assurance documentation at the end of each service which my company requires for assets to be put back on line."

Technical Business Leader

"Astro Pak is very responsive and ready to help at a moment's notice. I've needed to clean and polish tanks with turnaround times that I didn't think were possible and they have always exceeded my expectations."

Project Manager

The Astro Pak Advantage

Astro Pak has cleaned and passivated stainless steel tanks and equipment for almost every cleanliness critical industry and application since 1959. With nine locations nationwide, including two state of the art AS9100 Certified cleanroom facilities, Astro Pak is ready to meet your surface finish requirements and provide cGMP documentation with each job we perform.

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