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Vacuum Chamber Rental

Our State of the art vacuum chamber is ready to go for high pressure helium leak testing of large components and other space simulation related activities. Run short or long duration low vacuum tests in our-large scale vacuum chamber. Located at our facility in Downey California, this chamber is adaptable for specific project requirements. Ideal for Space Simulation, Helium Leak testing, large equipment RGA and other uses.  Astro Pak can also provide pneumatic internal pressurization for a test item- such as a fuel tank, with helium up to 4900 PSIG, while within the vacuum environment. The Vacuum Chamber rental includes guidance from Astro Paks’ knowledgeable personnel to assist you in equipment specific training.  Access to onsite precision cleaning and packaging abilities are also be available if requested. For an additional fee, the chamber can be relocated to your facility for long duration leases.

Standard Chamber details:

  • Interior Dimensions; 6’ Wide x 12’ Long (339 cubic feet)
  • Exterior Dimensions; 6’6” Wide 12’5” Long
  • Lowest vacuum tested; 10E-5 Torr range
  • Chamber Helium leak rate at vacuum no higher than 10E-9 atm. cc/sec.


  • Includes helium leak testing equipment if needed.
  • Includes a booster pump for high pressure/high purity helium testing.

What are the Benefits of a Vacuum Chamber?

There are many benefits associated with a leak testing in a vacuum chamber, which include:

  • Leaks can be detected and quantified with a high level of sensitivity
  • No adverse impact to the materials being tested due to the inert properties of helium
  • The test process is essentially dry and temperature independent
  • Microscopic leaks can be fixed before they do significant damage
  • Lost production, time and costs can be avoided by repairing leaks before putting the part into service
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs for equipment through preventative maintenance

Hard Vacuum Leak Testing

The Hard Vacuum Leak Test is one of the most sensitive methods and it is widely used for vacuum system applications. In Hard Vacuum Leak Testing, the test piece or system is tested for leaks from the outside-in.  This method is useful for finding leak locations for repair or leak rates, however, it is only designed for testing vacuum systems and parts.

To find leak locations, the test part can be tested by first evacuating air from the inside, and then applying helium to the outside of the part using a small spray probe. If there is a leak in that area, the helium will enter the system and be picked up by the Helium Leak Detector that is connected to the test piece.

To find leak rates, the test part has the air evacuated from the inside and the part is placed in a helium rich environment. The total leak rate can be measured by the Helium Leak Detector connected to the test piece.

The Astro Pak Advantage

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Astro Pak offers quality precision cleaning services to meet the requirements for hundreds of industry specifications, including those of aerospace contractors, NASA, the Department of Defense, and many private organizations. Our scientists and experts provide guidance and consultation on precision cleaning to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Our Research & Development professionals can develop a customized precision cleaning process that meets nearly any requirement.