in the cleanroom

Passivation Services in the Cleanroom

We clean and passivate parts and components for almost every cleanliness-critical industries and applications. Our extensive library of specifications and procedures enables us to meet any customer or end user requirements.  We are well suited for processing hardware and components related to space, aircraft, military & defense, semiconductor and other industries requiring these precision services.

This cleaning process removes contaminants that affect the passive layer. For stainless steel surfaces, an optimal passive layer provides corrosion resistance. A passive layer surface will inhibit oxidation, thus minimizing particulate contamination.

Astro Pak only uses approved chemistries and cleaning processes to provide certification to meet customer specifications. Cleanliness specifications are also used in a variety of other liquid and gaseous environments, including nitrogen & hydrogen storage and distribution systems.

All hardware and components that enter our cleanrooms include real time electronic tracking to keep customers better informed on the status of order. In addition to Cleaning and Packaging, we also allow customers to come onsite and assemble their own parts after cleaning. We also offer a fleet of mobile labs, equipment and chemicals to your site.

In addition to cleaning, we also provide assembly and packaging services. We also perform testing services including cryogenic (cold shock) testing and hydrostatic & pneumatic testing. We test gauges, valves, tubing assemblies, and other components, as well as in-place systems, vessels and equipment.

Coast to Coast Cleaning Facilities

Astro Pak is home to the largest and most advanced contract precision cleaning facilities in the United States. Our southern California facility houses ISO 14644-1 certified Class 5 & 6 (FED STD Class 100 & 1,000) lab and cleanrooms. The highlight of this facility is the 21,222 cubic ft Large Component Cleanroom featuring a 26’W x 15’H high-speed roll up door, 18ft ceilings and a two-ton overhead bridge crane to accommodate hardware that is too large for most traditional cleanrooms.

Located just outside of the Kennedy Space Center, Astro Pak’s 38,000 square foot facility in Titusville, FL features a 15’x15’ enclosed tower (70’ vertical) which enables the processing of hoses up to 60’ in length.  Adjacent to the ISO 14644-1 certified Class 6 & 7 (FED STD Class 1,000 & 10,000) lab and cleanroom is a shop area with a four-ton bridge crane and expanded hydrostatic, hydraulic and pneumatic testing capabilities. Both Cleanroom Services locations maintain AS9100 certified Quality Management Systems.

Trust the Experts in Passivation

For over 60 years, Astro Pak has been perfecting the chemistry and cleaning process of passivation and precision cleaning. Our wealth of experience and understanding of stainless steel surface chemistry led us to develop our proprietary passivation chemistry and process for stainless steel that produces an optimized passive layer on the surface of stainless steels. We package items ranging in size from small fasteners or washers, to huge 70 ton vessels and satellites. Our packaging services also meet the requirements of literally hundreds of industry specifications. This includes aerospace contractors, ULA, NASA, the Department of Defense, and many private industries and organizations.

In addition, our Certification packages are QMS/cGMP compliant for your systems and equipment maintenance records.  Let our experienced and credentialed team of chemists, engineers, and other professionals on staff EXCEED your expectations.

Astro Pak commits to providing customers with the level of excellence they expect and deserve by:

  • Rapid Response
  • Highly Trained Personnel delivering superior consulting services
  • State of the Art Equipment Nationwide
  • Advanced Chemistry & Process Technology
  • Superior Documentation (Meeting cGMP Requirements)

Interested in Informal Consulting?

Astro Pak provides onsite training and education through our lunch & Learn programs. We present the latest research on passivation and derouging technology, stainless steel surface chemistry, precision cleaning, electropolishing & mechanical polishing, and passivation. We also provide lunch for your facility! To learn about our lunch & learn program please contact us!

  • Implantable Medical Devices
  • Components& Hardware
  • Fittings, Fasteners
  • Filters & Filter Housings
  • Valves (Relief, Ball, Butterfly, Needle, Gate)
  • Gauges (Pressure, Flow meter, Hydraulic, Cryogenic)
  • Piping, SS Hoses
  • Manifolds
  • Oxygen Tubing
  • Laser Componentry
  • Vessels, Tanks, Stills
  • Reverse Osmosis, DI, Pure Water
  • Clean in Place (CIP)
  • Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Spools, Flanges
  • Valves (Relief, Ball, Butterfly, Needle, Gate)
  • Gauges (Pressure, Flow meter, Hydraulic, Cryogenic)
  • Fittings, Fasteners
  • Transducers and Sensors
  • Any stainless steel parts, equipment or systems
  • Titanium parts with Iron embedment
  • Aerospace, Military and Defense
  • Food & Beverage
  • HealthCare
  • Laser
  • Lifesciences
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Household Personal Care
  • Medical Device
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Semiconductor
  • Industrial (High Purity Gases)
  • Nuclear
  • Biotechnology