Many municipalities experience reduced effectiveness of potable water systems and related process equipment due to scale build-up and other system-age related degradation issues. To restore the flow rate and velocity of Brackish Water Lines, Brine Lines and Reject RO Water Lines to their original specifications requires descaling to remove the restrictive build-up of calcium carbonate, salt and other minerals that deposit on the interior of the pipe. The condition of the unattended pipe will result in loss of efficiency or output, increased costs, system shutdown and interruption of service.

Several process steps may be considered, but since many systems are Cured in Place Piping (CIPP), a reliable and proven methods is chemical cleaning using targeted solutions that descale in a timely, cost effective and efficacious manner.

Questions to ask include:

  • When is the last time you inspected your Brine Line?
  • How often do you descale your Brine Line?
  • What flow rate and output does your Brine Line achieve now compared to the original specification?
  • How much increased costs is your facility incurring due to the inefficient output?

To answer these questions, and provide solutions – Astro Pak offers on-site consultation and assessments to create a specific remediation plan for your system.

On-site and On-time:

Astro Pak stands ready to answer your questions about pipeline remediation, water flushing chemical cleaning, pigging and other processes to help restore the efficiency and effectiveness of above ground and underground pipeline system. Our teams deploy to project sites anywhere in the U.S. and are accustomed to processing multiple large and multi-level piping systems.