Mobile Cleanroom and Mobile BioSafety Lab

Mobile Cleanroom Expert

Mobile cGMP Cleanroom Delivered On-Site to Your Facility

Astro Pak’s ISO 14644 certified Mobile Cleanroom rentals provide a rapid, flexible, and turn-key solution to your cleanroom environment requirements. Our state-of-the-art spaces can be deployed within a week for new drug development, fill-finish processes, aseptic filling, packaging, med-tech assembly, R&D, and countless other applications.

Whether you are a small company with a development pipeline, a fortune 500 life science company or a CDMO/CRO, our mobile cleanroom offers maximum flexibility and simplicity.

If you’re looking to add GMP capacity, support a project, or ensure continued operation in existing facilities under expansion and maintenance, our mobile cleanrooms offer a turn-key and high-quality solution. Astro Pak cleanrooms are fabricated to meet the current GMP standards, providing quality departments ultimate confidence. Our cleanrooms may be leased on a monthly basis without requiring significant capital outlays or costly delays.

Mobile Biological Safety Lab Delivered On-Site to Your Facility

Designed to exceed the most current BSL-2 NIH CDC BMBL 6th Edition guidelines, Astro Pak’s fleet of 53’ foot Semi Trailer Laboratories provide ultimate flexibility for biocontainment. Each BSL-2 Mobile Laboratory is designed standard to meet ISO-14644 to ensure product and personnel protection. Each unit’s air handling equipment is fully self-contained to the trailer allowing the Lab to be isolated from the adjacent buildings air handling systems. BSCs can be placed twenty feet away from the entrance to mitigate airflow disruptions that can compromise BSC (Biological Safety Cabinet) performance. Depending on availability, Astro Pak’s Mobile Lab can be deployed within one week’s notice.

Custom Solutions

Astro Pak’s experienced team and dedicated cleanroom or laboratory manufacturing facility located in Southern California allows our customers the flexibility to design and purchase or rent a cleanroom that is custom tailored to their requirements. Cleanroom rentals from our existing mobile fleet can help bridge the gap while your custom cleanroom is designed, manufactured and delivered.

On-site, On-time and Anywhere

With minimal GMP space availability around the country, customers instantly choose a mobile cleanroom over building a cleanroom within their facility or relocating their staff to another building. Astro Pak will coordinate shipping and installation logistics making this solution as easy as a phone call.  Whether it is a surge in demand for a product or a planned upgrade of facilities, quickly expanding capacity is critical to reducing costs and bottlenecks. This rental fleet allows easy transportation and minimizes disruptions and risks while creating new efficiencies. Our fleet is designed to deploy to our customers anywhere in the world.

Mobile Tandem Axle Trailer Cleanrooms

Built inside HEPA filtered 53-foot trailers, our ISO 7, ISO 6, and ISO 5 Grade A mobile cleanrooms provide over 300 square feet of self-contained workspace. Astro Pak can provide cleanrooms classified up to ISO 4 (Class 10) based on your specific requirements. Our mobile cleanroom rentals provide the optimal solution for seamless continuity of operations during renovation or research and development. They come equipped with robust air-conditioning facilitating year-round work in any environment. Astro Pak’s Mobile Cleanroom team has extensive experience supporting aerospace and defense projects, medical device manufacturing, early phase clinical trials, semiconductor facility development, and more.

Flexibility: Doublewide cleanroom and anteroom doors allow extra-large equipment to be easily moved inside. After certification, a single door is used for day-to-day ingress and egress to ensure environmental cleanliness. Pre-run conduit allows for additional power supply to unique pieces of equipment that otherwise could not connect with standard power supply. Astro Pak can install Sinks and Laminar Flow Hoods prior to delivery.

Speed: We can offer the fastest cGMP cleanroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different processes require different cleanliness and airflow standards. There is typically a governing document that indicates the classification requirement. Because cleanrooms are certified in a static state, we recommend using one classification level cleaner to ensure the right ISO level in a dynamic state. Pricing does not change per the certification level.
Please contact Astro Pak for current pricing. Discounts are available for long term rentals.
Our cleanrooms require 208V 3 phase on a 200 AMP breaker. If power cannot be provided, then a generator can be supplied by a third-party rental company. The space where the cleanroom is set up should be level and must have ample space to accommodate the setup of a 53’ by 8.5’ trailer. We recommend the cleanroom be parked near shade and on a clean and paved surface.
Our standard cleanroom is equipped with stainless steel compressed air lines and electrical supply. If approved by Astro Pak, additional power, water or other utilities can be installed into the cleanroom from access ports on the side of the trailer.
Our cleanrooms are intentionally designed to be highly modifiable to allow for maximum floor space for our customers to set up in their desired equipment.
We pride ourselves on delivering and installing a cleanroom faster than anyone else in the industry. If a unit is available, we can deliver a cleanroom within two weeks of the rental terms being signed.
Our cleanrooms are certified per ISO 14644. Please review ISO 14644 and consult with your quality department to determine if our cleanrooms meet your requirements.
All cleanrooms come with a valid certification from a third-party cleanroom certification company. Astro Pak will send out a knowledgeable technician to assist your team with maneuvering the cleanroom into the desired location, installing the access stairs and assist your electrician with the power connection.
A proposal with our Terms and Conditions must be signed to reserve a unit.