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Mobile Cleanroom Rentals

Sales Rep for Mobile Cleanroom Rentals

  • Davis Verheyen
    • Phone: (321) 338-3584
    • Email: dverheyen@astropak.com

On-Site Mobile Cleanroom

Astro Pak’s AS9100/ISO certified mobile cleanroom fleet of trailers rentals provide a rapid, temporary and turn-key solution to your controlled environment requirements. This state of the art equipment offers a flexible solution for a range of applications including assembly, compounding, cleaning, analysis, early phase clinical manufacturing, biopharmaceutical, packaging, manufacturing, laboratory, storage, R&D, and countless other purposes.

Whether needed to add capacity in a hurry, support a project or to ensure continued operation in existing facilities under expansion and maintenance, our mobile cleanrooms offer a low cost and high-quality solution. These cleanrooms are fabricated to continue compounding operations during compliance renovations to meet USP 797 / 800 standards. Our cleanrooms may be leased for the duration of your project without requiring significant capital outlays or costly delays.

Mobile Tandem Axle Trailer Cleanrooms:

Built inside 48 to 53-foot trailers, they provide over 200 square feet of self-contained workspace that includes certifications that meet ISO 10, ISO 9, ISO 8, ISO 7, ISO 6, ISO 5 and ISO 4 (Class 10) depending on specific needs. Ideal for seamless continuity of operations during your USP 797 / 800 renovations. All cleanrooms are fitted with HEPA filtration equipment necessary to meet laboratory and process requirements and with professionally fabricated stainless steel interiors and workstations to meet bio safety requirements. Large doors allow for easy installation of refrigeration equipment and other laminar flow benches. Air-conditioning is located in the front of the trailer allowing year-round work in any environment. Personnel can access the cleanrooms via compliant external doors located in the back.

Soft Wall Modular Cleanrooms:

These highly customizable steel-framed and clear vinyl curtained rooms can be installed inside your facility to provide a controlled environment. Our specialized team will assist you with a rapid response delivery making this a painless and turnkey process. Positive pressure air with HEPA filters allow the cleanroom to certify up to ISO 14644 Class 6. Additionally, ceiling mounted lights allow for ample lighting. Personnel can access this unit via clear vinyl strip walls that are static dissipative and flame retardant.

On-site and On-time:

In today’s fast-paced world, it is a constant challenge to ensure production overcomes disruptions. If requested, Astro Pak will coordinate shipping and installation logistics making this solution as easy as a phone call.  Whether it is a surge in demand for product or a planned upgrade of facilities, maintaining or expanding capacity promptly is critical to reducing costs and bottlenecks. This rental fleet allows easy transportation and minimizes disruptions and risk while creating new efficiencies.

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