Gauge Cleaning

Astro Pak provides Gauge Cleaning to a variety of specifications and levels. Our trained technicians clean and package a wide variety of gauges in our cleanrooms or contamination controlled environments in our ISO 9001:2008/AS 9100 certified cleanrooms (in CA).

Wetted pathways of the gauge are cleaned to meet end-user applications, such as liquid oxygen (LOX) systems, gaseous oxygen (GOX) systems, and contaminant sensitive systems. Contact us today for a quote on your pressure gauge cleaning requirements.


Trust the Experts

Astro Pak Corporation has over 50 years of experience in cleaning, testing, and packaging precision clean hardware. We also Test & Clean any pressure gauge. Our services meet the requirements of literally hundreds of industry specifications – including aerospace contractors, ULA, NASA, the Department of Defense, and many private industries and organizations. We also test to 10,000 psi and National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T)

We offer Gauge Cleaning & Calibration locations nationwide. However, for cleanroom requirements, we can clean Pressure Gauges in our California ISO 9001:2008/AS9100 Certified Class 5 (class 100) and Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanrooms. We also offer this service in our newest location in Florida, as well as in Virginia. We also allow customers to come onsite and assemble their own parts after cleaning.

Astro Pak commits to providing customers with the level of excellence they expect and deserve by:

  • Advanced Chemistry & Process Technology
  • Highly Trained Personnel delivering superior consulting services
  • Rapid Response
  • State of the Art Equipment and Locations Nationwide
  • Superior Documentation (Meeting cGMP Requirements)

In addition, our Certification packages are QMS/cGMP compliant for your systems and equipment maintenance records.  Let our experienced and credentialed team of chemists, engineers, and other professionals on staff EXCEED your expectations. Contact us today for more information.

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