Scott Dowd Joins Astro Pak as Vice President of Information Technology

Scott Dowd has been appointed Vice President of Information Technology at Astro Pak. He joins the Costa Mesa, CA based company as it continues to expand and offer its precision cleaning and other critical services to customers around the world.

Scott Dowd VP of Technology - Astro Pak

In the 60 years since the company’s founding, order processing and quotations have gone from paper and pencil to computers and specialized software. Mr. Dowd’s role will be to ensure optimal communication and information technology efficiencies in the present and the future enabling Astro Pak’s professionals to continue delivering the industry-leading service that exceeds their customers’ expectations.

Mr. Dowd brings over 20 years of IT experience with him. He has filled prior roles at Bank of America, SystemPay, FMT Consultants and SC Fuels.  In that time, he has seen the pitfalls of companies which outpace the capabilities of their IT systems, creating large inefficiencies and adversely affecting interoperability between units. His philosophy is, in his words, is that “technology provides for tremendous opportunities and efficiencies. The challenge is to find the balance that allows both.”

“The need for a change and a new challenge” is Mr. Dowd’s primary motivation for joining Astro Pak, but he has already been taken by the company and its culture. He said, “this is a company with amazing individuals. Everyone pulls for the collective group and will do what is necessary to get the job done.” He personally defines his role in these words, “I always challenge myself to make things better and more efficient for the company’s team members and customers.”


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