WFI Tank

Astro Pak’s Northeast team was called on to perform surface remediation on a 22,000 gallon WFI tank measuring 12 feet in diameter and 30 feet in height. The tank exhibited severe rouging along with some physical damage. Our EHS&R team was instrumental in assessing any potential hazards and risks. Scaffolding was built to facilitate the confined space entry needed to gain access to the interior of the tank. At the start of the job, the surface RA (Roughness Average) ranged between 24 to 65. After mechanical polishing followed by electropolishing, we were able to achieve a mirror-like finish with RA values of 3 to 9 throughout the entire surface of the tank.


Our on-site MP & EP services allow our customers to maintain or improve the surface finish of their production vessels without the need for revalidation and with minimal downtime.


Electropolishing removes the outer rough layer of metal achieving a microscopically flat, uniform surface that helps to improve cleanability, enhance durability and increase corrosion resistance.


Our surface finish processes adhere to ASME BPE and ASTM B912 standards, providing optimal Ra finishes to your equipment, vessels, tanks and systems.