Process Vessel

Tanks used for manufacturing typically have internal cleaning systems that spray down and flush away any residue from the last production batch so that the tank is ready to be used again. However, the presence of rouge (or rust) may present challenges for most CIP systems. There are a variety of types and sources for the iron-based contaminant, each requiring unique chemical blends and processes to remediate, an area Astro Pak specializes in.


Astro Pak technicians mobilized out of our Indianapolis, IN location to derouge, clean, and passivate a heavily corroded 6,000 gallon process vessel.


Not only does rouge compromise product purity, but it can cause equipment degradation and even exacerbate any existing bioburden issues within the system.


For over 60 years, Astro Pak has been developing safe, effective, environmentally friendly chemical cleaning solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.