LIGO Plates

Astro Pak provided cleaning for advanced LIGO (the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories). LIGO is the most precise measuring device ever built, detecting and measuring deflections in a laser beam as small as 1/10,000 the charge diameter of a proton. Cleanliness of the hardware was critical to avoid false signals that could result from volatilized matter floating in the vacuum of the laser beam pathways.


This job was performed in the 21,222ft² Large Component Cleanroom in Downey, CA which features 18ft ceilings and a 2-ton overhead bridge crane.

Precision Cleaning

Precision Clean aluminum and stainless steel plates exceeding 10ft in diameter, achieving an unprecedented cleanliness level of less than 50mg of residue per cm².


Some of the world’s most prestigious institutions including JPL, MIT, and CalTech have sought guidance and consultation from our subject matter experts.