Ground Support Valve

Extensive modifications have been made to transform SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral into a dual-rocket launch pad for both Atlas V and Vulcan. In support of this effort, Astro Pak’s Space Coast Cleanroom was called on to perform cold shock testing on a large butterfly valve and vaporizer as well as process various components that will be installed into the updated ground support systems.


Astro Pak’s Space Coast Cleanroom features a 15’x15’ enclosed hose tower that allows us to process convoluted hoses up to 60ft in length in vertical orientation.


We meet the requirements of hundreds of specifications including NASA ,the Air Force Department of Defense ,and many private organizations.


Precision clean, hydrostatic / pneumatic / cryogenic test, cleanliness verify, and package a variety of flight components including gauges, valves, tubing,…