Professional Consulting

Astro Pak’s extensive 60 years of research and experience afford us the opportunity to deliver consultative services and meet client needs. Our Technical Services Group (TSG) provides technical expertise and develop optimal precision cleaning solutions to difficult problems encountered in critical systems and equipment. Some of the most prestigious projects in the United States have called upon Astro Pak for professional consulting and performing work that produces groundbreaking cleanliness levels. Our past consulting projects include working with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (National Ignition Facility), MIT, Cal-Tech, NASA and more. 

Our Research & Development lab is located at our Space Coast Cleanroom Services facility in Titusville, FL. Our team of chemists, metallurgists, and engineers employ analytical tools including a potentiostat for measuring corrosion resistance of samples, precision heated bench-top chemical baths for simulating real-world derouging and passivation processes, a 100x microscope, colorimeters for testing iron content, pH meters, conductivity meters and particulate and gravimetric analysis equipment. This allows the team to provide real-time consultancy as well as conducting ongoing studies aimed at providing practical solutions to a variety of problems related to passivation, material compatibility, derouging, precision cleaning and bioburden remediation. 

Additionally, our Engineering Services Group (ESG) is staffed with experts who have had decades of industry experience making them a resource for institutional knowledge. For uniquely challenging projects, the ESG experts can evaluate a Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) and advise on system and circuit configurations taking into account flow paths, pipe diameter, flow rates, safety tie off points, and other nuances. 

Since every system will require preventative maintenance over its service life, Astro Pak’s ESG can be brought in during the early stages of system design to provide design recommendations that will pay for itself many times over during the lifespan of the system. Many of our customers consider this value added service a savvy risk-reduction strategy and long-term investment on a major part of their infrastructure at a minimal additional cost to their design and construction budget.

Interested in Informal Consulting?

Astro Pak provides onsite training and education through our lunch & learn programs. We present the latest research on passivation and derouging technology, stainless steel surface chemistry, precision cleaning, electropolishing & mechanical polishing, and sterilization services. We also provide lunch for your facility! To learn about our lunch & learn program please contact us!

  • Precision Cleaning
  • Processes, Cleanliness Verification Analysis and Packaging.
  • Design of Passivation Protocols and Specifications
  • Testing of Cleaning Chemistry for Oxidized Piping Systems
  • Interpretation of Surface Chemistry Testing Results
  • Evaluation of Surface Treatment Chemistries
  • Investigation of Biologically Contaminated Systems and Components
  • CIP System Evaluation
  • Water System Testing and Design Assistance
  • Corrosion Interpretation and System Monitoring
  • Precision Components & Hardware
  • WFI (Water for Injection)
  • Pure Steam & Clean Steam
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • De-ionized Water
  • High Purity Gas & Vacuum
  • Pure Steam Generators
  • CIP & SIP Skids
  • Autoclave & Isolation Barriers
  • Vessels & Tanks
  • Fermenters & Bio-reactors
  • Product & Process