Michael Johnson Joins Astro Pak as Director of Technical Services

Astro Pak is pleased to announce that Michael Johnson has joined the company as its Director of Technical Services. As Director, Mr. Johnson says his mandate is “to build and lead a department whose mission is to position Astro Pak on the technological forefront of precision and high purity cleaning and to provide ongoing technical support for sales, operations, and business development.” Mr. Johnson will partner closely with Astro Pak senior leaders in developing technical core competencies that support the long-term strategic plan of the company.

Mr. Johnson’s career reflects a deep involvement with the aerospace industry and spaceflight. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree, Mr. Johnson spent 10 years working on the Space Shuttle program for Lockheed at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). There, he served as General Manager of the Chemical Analysis Laboratory and Spaceflight Hardware Precision Cleaning and Refurbishment Operation. Mr. Johnson then joined Wiltech of Florida where he designed facility equipment and solvent delivery systems, eventually being promoted to General Manager. During his 21-year career at Wiltech, he took part in a joint research and development project with Boeing and NASA to develop a replacement for the environmentally hazardous Freon 113 solvent. Additionally, he led a team that collaborated with Lockheed to clean a contaminated titanium tube assembly without the need to remove it from the Orion space capsule. His professional experience also includes work as a Systems Engineer at Lockheed.

Michael Johnson as Director of Technical ServicesWhile he was at Aero Electronics a long-time colleague suggested to both Mike and the senior leadership of Astro Pak that, as a recognized subject matter expert in a highly specialized cleaning process for spacecraft, Mike and Astro Pak would be a good fit. Acting on the advice, Astro Pak and Mike Johnson connected. He said, “when I met the leadership team at Astro Pak’s Space Coast office, I was really impressed with the corporate culture and it just clicked. Not only is Astro Pak a classy operation, but this position gives me a chance to go back to my passion of cleaning spaceflight hardware while also providing technical expertise and support for all the other industries that Astro Pak serves.”

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