South Plainfield
New Jersey

South Plainfield, NJ

Welcome to our Astro Pak location in South Plainfield, NJ. Astro Pak was founded in 1959, providing precision cleaning, testing and packaging services for the first NASA space programs.  Today, Astro Pak has grown into a nationwide service company meeting the critical cleaning and surface reconditioning requirements for many industries via our time-tested passivation, derouging, bio-cleaning, mechanical and electropolishing technologies.  Above all, we are known for our proprietary Ultra Pass® passivation process which is capable of producing an optimized passive layer on the surface of stainless steel, yielding unmatched corrosion resistance. Our certification documentation packages are QMS/cGMP compliant for your systems and equipment maintenance records.

Field Services

For your installed systems, our Field Services division deploys highly trained technicians and specially engineered equipment on-site to your facility to perform chemical cleaning, surface reconditioning, and testing services.  Whether it’s for maintenance during shut-downs, pre-commissioning of new construction, or emergency situations for critical utilities, we have nationwide resources ready to meet your needs.

Shop Services

For equipment, parts and sub-systems that can be cleaned out-of-place, our shop facilities across the nation are well suited to affordably meet your cleaning requirements. Most of our shops are over 10,000 square feet, featuring high capacity bridge cranes and processing tanks of various sizes to accommodate large and uniquely shaped hardware.

Cleanroom Services

For cleanliness critical components, Astro Pak’s state-of-the-art AS9100 Certified ISO 5, 6, and 7 cleanrooms are among the most advanced contract precision cleaning facilities in the United States.  We specialize in meeting the most stringent requirements for cleaning, passivation, assembly, packaging, pressure and cleanliness verification testing.

New Jersey
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