Welcome to our Astro Pak location in Downey, CA.  Residing on 3 acres, the California facility has over 35,000 square feet and includes ISO 14644-1: Class 5 and Class 6 cleanrooms.

The California cleanroom is augmented by an additional large component Class 6 cleanroom that measures 40’ x 30’ x 18’ (height) and supports a 2,500 psi high pressure spray system. Additionally, a 4,000 lb bridge crane was installed to move heavy hardware and components.

In addition, Astro Pak’s high-volume component/hardware processing cleanroom houses 1,500 square foot Class 100 space and 2,100 square foot Class 1000 space – supported by a modern 6,000 square foot preclean area. The preclean area includes 8 work stations, 4,000 lb bridge cranes, 3 large Ultrasonic cleaning units (3’ x  3’ x 8’), and a high purity, high pressure spray system integrated into the area that houses additional immersion tanks.

A safety containment pressure test room was built for pneumatic pressure testing, and a new hydrostatic pressure test stand was also designed. Pneumatic testing is performed up to 10,000 PSI and Hydrostatic testing up to 30,000 PSI.