Cleaning, Derouging, Passivation Treatment Process

December 13, 2016

This video takes you inside the distribution piping of a typical water system to see the Cleaning, Derouging, and Passivation process demonstrates the treatment process of a typical system and shows how passivation can improve the corrosion resistance.


Rouge Formation –
• Rouge crystals form on surface of metal
• Particles of rouge breakaway and migrate into the system

Astro Pak Pump Skid –
• Custom designed pump skids are used to mix and circulate chemistry through the system

Step 1: Cleaning –
• Removes organics from metal’s surface

Step 2: Derouging –
• Removes rouge/metal oxides from metal’s surface

Step 3: Passivation –
• Use chelants to remove free iron from the metal’s surface rendering it nonreactive and yields an optimal passive layer
Passivation is a treatment and cleaning process used to remove iron from the surface of corrosion resistant steel parts. Chemical passivation forms a more uniform passive layer,which increases the Chromium to Iron Ratio, thus enhancing the corrosion resistance of the metal’s surface.

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