Astro Pak Preps for Mars 2020

NASA’s upcoming Mars 2020 mission plans to build on the discoveries made by previous rovers and landers on the surface of Mars. The rover, based on the previous and proven Curiosity design, will continue the search to determine whether life

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Astro Pak’s New Cleanroom Featured

Astro Pak new Florida facility on the Space Coast has been recently featured on R&D. is the leading source of information on cleanrooms and controlled environments in life sciences, microelectronics, and semiconductors. Background of R&D: R&D provides timely, informative news and

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Astro Pak’s New Space Coast Facility – Now Open!

Astro Pak new Florida facility, located just outside of the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), opened its doors in July. The newly renovated 38,000 square foot facility, located at 8855 Grissom Parkway in Titusville, represents a new chapter for the nearly

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Astro Pak Moves Northwest Division – Fairfield

Astro Pak, the industry leader in stainless steel cleaning and passivation, is moving its northwestern base of operations from Benicia, California to nearby Fairfield. This move is being made to accommodate increased business. While a large percentage of Astro Pak’s

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