BLog Contributors

Dr. Brent Ekstrand

Vice President of Science & Technology

Dr. Brent Ekstrand serves as Astro Pak Corporation’s Vice President of Science. He is the company’s primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) for precision cleaning, cleanliness evaluation and measurement, cleanroom operations, corrosion remediation and prevention, and biological contamination / biofilm removal.

Daryl Roll

Astro Pak Consultant

Astro Pak Consultant, Daryl serves as the primary senior technical advisor for corrosion, surface chemistry and stainless steel Passivation. With over 40 years of experience in chemical processing, Daryl has been published in MICRO, UltraPure Water Journal and Chemical Engineering for his papers on passivation and rouge control. He is a participant on the ASME BPE Subcommittees for Surface Finish and Materials of Construction requirements and a leading contributor for the Rouge and Passivation Task Groups. Daryl holds a B.A. in Chemistry and Earth Science from the California State University of Fullerton and a Professional Engineer's license from the State of California.

Jeff Wassenaar

Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Jeff oversees Astro Pak’s Field and Cleanroom sales departments and serves as a member of the company’s Senior Leadership team. He enjoys the opportunity to lead, mentor and develop strong teams. Prior to joining Astro Pak in 2008, Jeff worked in the Semiconductor, Construction and Metals Industries. With over 30 years of experience in the high purity sector, Jeff provides expert guidance to his staff and clientele when tackling challenging projects. Jeff also leads Astro Pak’s popular Lunch & Learn technical program, whose goal is to educate the industry about Passivation, Derouging and other Surface Finish topics. He has become well known and respected for his ability to engage audiences on complex technical concepts, making them relatable and easier to understand. Over the years, he has had the honor and pleasure of serving on various non-profit boards.

Mike Montgomery

Technical Director - Electropolishing Services

Since 2012 Mike has served as the Technical Director of Electropolishing at Astro Pak Corporation. With over thirty years of mechanical, machining, and metal finishing experience, Mike brings practical knowledge, capability and excellence to vessel restoration projects across the country. Mike develops and implements training programs, including confined space entry, ensuring technical excellence and safety amongst all Astro Pak MP/EP Technicians.

Jordan Schaecher

Regional Technical Sales Manager

Jordan Schaecher is currently the Regional Technical Sales Manager for Astro Pak. He serves as the primary contact for all services needed within the Midwest territory. With over 15 years of experience in construction management, Jordan serves as a key advisor and resource for our customers as they tackle any high purity chemical cleaning and metal finishing projects within the Midwest. Jordan is a board member for the International Ozone Association as well as the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers. He holds a B.A. in Construction Science and Engineering from Kansas State University.

Chris Conner

Sr. Technical Sales Manager

Chris Conner is Astro Pak’s Technical Sales Manager for the Great Lakes region. In his 13 years with the company, this Butler University graduate has also served as a Project Leader as well as in the Professional Services Group. Additionally, he is on the teaching staff for our Project Leader Training Program. The broad, multifaceted experience acquired from having served in sales, operational and training capacities makes Mr. Conner an invaluable resource to our clientele as he partners with them to develop custom-tailored chemical cleaning and metal finishing solutions to address their specific needs.

Robert Schuck

Sr. Technical Sales Manager

Robert Schuck is currently the Sr. Technical Sales Manager for the Southwest region. With over 10 years at Astro Pak and former employment in Pharmaceutical sales, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in Precision Cleaning, Passivation, Cleaning for Oxygen Service, and Bioburden Remediation. His expertise in these areas have proven to be invaluable to both internal and external customers, addressing immediate needs along with achieving long term goals. Robert plays a leading role in the development of Astro Pak’s Lunch & Learn technical training program. He is also known for his servant leadership approach and desire to meet then exceed expectations, earning him the status of a trusted advisor amongst his colleagues and customers.

Jonathan Hopkins

Florida Cleanroom General Manager

Jonathan serves as the General Manager of Astro Pak’s Florida Cleanroom and as a member of the company’s Senior Leadership Team. He has over a decade of leadership experience in the precision cleaning sector as well as a strong background in manufacturing management. As both a business and technical leader, Jonathan focuses on providing customers with solutions to the most demanding cleaning challenges. Jonathan is a veteran of the United States Navy where he served in Surface Warfare and Mine Countermeasures. He is also an active member of the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and holds a Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Michael Johnson

Director of Technical Services

Michael Johnson recently joined Astro Pak as the Director of Technical Services. Staffed by subject matter experts from both the Field and Cleanroom divisions, this new department will provide leadership and guidance in developing technical core competencies throughout the company. Michael’s professional career is deeply rooted in the space sector where he has made significant contributions. For starters, he spent a decade working on the Space Shuttle program for Lockheed at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Shortly thereafter, he took part in a joint research and development project with Boeing and NASA to develop a replacement for the environmentally hazardous Freon 113 solvent. He also led a team that collaborated with Lockheed to clean a contaminated titanium tube assembly without the need to remove it from the Orion space capsule.