Astro Pak Refreshes Its Core Values Drawing on Team Members to Help

For the past 62 years, Astro Pak has built its success on its set of core values as much as the professional expertise of its crews. Both employees and clients cite the strong sense of culture the company’s value-based business model instills in its people as something unique and admirable that sets it apart from others in the industry.

For decades Astro Pak has guided itself on 13 values; Accountability, Balance, Character, Fun, Family, Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Leadership, Performance, Respect, Stewardship and Teamwork. While these values have served the company well, feedback from employees prompted Astro Pak’s leadership to begin an effort to revisit them. To make sure they represented who Astro Pak is, and who we strive to be

Astro Pak solicited ideas from employees beginning this past March. They were asked to take a survey as well as to volunteer to sit in on focus groups and a value committee. After six months, the working groups presented their results.

“Our foundation is in our values,” said Ken Carroll, Astro Pak’s President. “This process hasn’t been about redefining who we are, but rather refreshing our list of values to more clearly define who we are. While the words and phrases may look different, our roots remain. Our goal is to refresh Astro Pak’s values so they are clear, memorable and actionable.”

The 13 original values have been distilled down to five: People First, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation and Empowerment.

Mr. Carroll concluded, “These values provide a straight-forward blueprint for how we will hire, develop, reward and care for our team members.”

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