Astro Pak Recognized Again as One of the Best Places to Work in Orange County

Once again, the Orange County Business Journal has added Astro Pak’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA to its annual Best Places to Work in Orange County list. This marks the sixth consecutive year where Astro Pak has been named on this esteemed list, ranking third and first in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

The Business Journal describes its program as being “built to identify those employers in the area who are doing things right and creating cultures that make employees proud to be a part of them. We give recognition where it’s due and provide companies with valuable feedback from their teams.” Two sets of surveys are sent out to the companies that wish to participate. An in-depth questionnaire asks the business about details regarding policies and practices. Employees receive a second, Employee Feedback Survey which asks their opinion about their workplace experience.

The data sets from the surveys are combined to determine the best workplace. For-profit, non-profit and government organizations can all participate with the requirements that there are at least 15 OC-based employees, and that there is an office in the county, along with the organization having been operating for at least a year. Astro Pak competes in the 200-499 employee category.


Stephanie Verheyen, Astro Pak’s Director of Corporate Impact, notes that Astro Pak has been – to borrow a quote from the Business Journal – “doing things right” for some time, citing employee longevity. “There are 37 employees who have been with us for 15 years or more, and 16 who have been part of our family for at least 20 years. She also notes that, in a team member-led effort, the company reconfigured its core values, reducing the number to five: People First, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation and Empowerment. “Not only are these more memorable but they are practical in terms of being useful for daily decision making, including hiring, developing, rewarding and caring for our team members,” says Astro Pak’s president, Ken Carroll.

To celebrate the many different roles that are necessary to serve its customers well, the company has also launched a “Day in the Life” video series that interviewed several team members and highlights just a few of the crucial roles that help give Astro Pak a reputation of excellence in the industry.

Stephanie said that Astro Pak is honored by being included in the list. Both for the public acclaim, but mostly due to the votes of confidence by the team members for their positive feedback in this survey.  She believes that this demonstrates that Astro Pak’s commitment to its employees and their commitment to the company are what allows Astro Pak to consistently exceed the expectations of its customers for 65 years.

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