Astro Pak Hosts 60th Anniversary Celebrations at Each of Its Locations

Astro Pak has seen more than its share of change since its founding sixty years ago at the dawn of the Space Race. The brainchild of Carl Verheyen and James St. Clair, Astro Pak was created to fill the need of providing precision cleaning and packaging services to Southern California space contractors. The company has played a part in nearly every major United States space program since Project Mercury.

Since its inception in 1959, Astro Pak has grown far beyond the original handful of technicians at its Downey, California location in addition to expanding into serving other industries in the US and abroad. Today, highly-trained Astro Pak technicians based in 10 field offices across the country provide high purity and precision cleaning services to biopharmaceutical, consumer goods, silicone chip manufacturers and other industries which require contaminant-free cleanliness in their manufacturing process. Additionally, two state-of-the art cleanroom facilities clean and package cleanliness critical hardware for a number of clients. Staying true to its roots in space, Astro Pak applies its expertise to preparing the next Mars rover as well as NASA’s Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) that will be used for its Space Launch System (SLS).

60yr Anniversary Logo

Even though the times and industries have changed, Astro Pak’s commitment to going above and beyond their customers’ expectations has not. It is this dedication by all of the company’s employees that has lead to both a doubling in the size of the team and a 130% increase in revenue in just the past decade. Ken Carroll, President of Astro Pak, said of the company’s ongoing success, “our formula is the same that we’ve used for the past 60 years; find the best people and invest in them. Serve our customers well, and strive for excellence in all that we do.”

To commemorate, Astro Pak has been hosting anniversary celebrations at each of its locations across the US and Puerto Rico. Because most of its technicians are out in the field at any given time, the company’s leadership wanted to make sure that every team member had a chance to celebrate in the success that they helped create.

You can view here Astro Pak’s 60th Anniversary video.

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