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Ask Expert, Daryl Roll, P.E., Your Cleaning & Passivation Questions

July 8, 2014

Passivation is an acid treatment process that yields improved corrosion resistance to stainless steel surfaces. Passivation may also be used on other materials where removing iron from the surface is required or beneficial.

Astro Pak Corporation has over 60 years of experience in passivation, precision cleaning and cleanroom operations. Astro Pak’s extensive scientific research developed a validated process for austenitic stainless steels that corrects surface chemistry defects produced by a variety of environmental factors, as well as from welding and fabrication. Astro Pak offers several different types of passivation services.

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Astro Pak Consultant, Mr. Roll serves as the primary senior technical advisor for corrosion, surface chemistry and stainless steel Passivation. With over 35 years of experience in chemical processing, Daryl has been published in MICRO, UltraPure Water Journal and Chemical Engineering for his papers on passivation and rouge control. He is a participant on the ASME BPE Subcommittees for Surface Finish and Materials of Construction requirements and a leading contributor for the Rouge and Passivation Task Groups. Mr. Roll holds a B.A. in Chemistry and Earth Science from the California State University of Fullerton and a Professional Engineer's license from the State of California.