Astro Pak is committed to providing the highest quality standards for our customers and their critical cleaning needs. We clean and assemble almost any type of hardware imaginable for contamination sensitive industries. Hardware we routinely assemble include valves, regulators, gas and fluid transfer panels, tube piping systems and more that are destined for use in a critical system with precision cleaning requirement.

Our CA facility is the largest if its kind, boasting state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008/AS9100 Certified Class 5 (class 100) and Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanrooms that are controlled and monitored. All hardware and components that enter our cleanroom are documented utilizing real time electronic tracking to keep customers better informed on the status of their equipment and to provide continuous improvement.

To ensure absolute cleanliness, we verify cleanliness levels using optical particle counters and gravimetric NVR equipment, photoionization detectors for solvent detection and dryness verification and digital dew-point meters for water dryness verification. Additionally, fume hoods, laminar flow hoods, and a complete wet chemistry laboratory for research and development complement the cleaning and testing services.

Astro Pak provides assembly of parts in our cleanroom and we also allow customers to come to our facility and assemble their own parts after cleaning. Contact us today to discuss the assembly of parts, hardware or systems within a cleanroom environment.

Component & System Experience

  • Components & Hardware
  • Fittings, Fasteners
  • Valves (Relief, Ball, Butterfly, Needle, Gate, etc)
  • Gauges (Pressure, Flow meter, Hydraulic, Cryogenic)
  • Miscellaneous Assemblies
  • Transducers & Sensors
  • Equipment or sub-systems
  • Manifolds
  • Oxygen & Critical Gas / LOX Tubing and Componentry
  • Laser & Optics Componentry
  • Hydraulic componentry
  • Medical Devices
  • Filters & Filter Housings
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Spacecraft Launch Vehicles
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