BLog Contributors

Amy Primrose

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager for Astro Pak, Amy is responsible for creating, executing, and managing strategic marketing plans and programs across all service offerings to support business revenue and growth objectives. She has a proven track record of quick decision making, strategic and an analytical skillset. Amy has also served as project manager for new corporate website projects ranging from outsourcing to copywriting and multimedia development. Amy has also demonstrated great leadership when leading conception of communication and branding for all direct marketing, public relations, advertising, internal and external communications, business development, and promotions.

Daryl L. Roll

Chief Technology Officer

Astro Pak's Senior Vice President of Technology, Mr. Roll serves as the primary senior technical advisor for corrosion, surface chemistry and stainless steel Passivation. With over 30 years of experience in chemical processing, Daryl has been published in MICRO, UltraPure Water Journal and Chemical Engineering for his papers on passivation and rouge control. He is a participant on the ASME BPE Subcommittees for Surface Finish and Materials of Construction requirements and a leading contributor for the Rouge and Passivation Task Groups. Mr. Roll holds a B.A. in Chemistry and Earth Science from the California State University of Fullerton and a Professional Engineer's license from the State of California.

Jeff Wassenaar

Director of National Sales

With over 20 years of construction and metals industry experience, Jeff provides unique capabilities to assist clients and lead teams in the high purity sector. Jeff is a frequent speaker at Lunch and Learns that Astro Pak provides regularly around the country for our clients.